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Where are you from? Greece What is the name of your association? Kane Why this name? Because Kane in Greek means 'to do'. And we created an organisation in which we are the

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TOMATO is an idea that is coming alive. Little by little. TOMATO is a creature that his making his first steps into this world. TOMATO is like a child that is learning how

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TOMATO is a continuously evolving project. Every day we build our idea and work hard to improve our work. Our aim is to reach the maximum potential that will allow us to really

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The TOMATO project is starting to take shape. In Kalamata, Greece, the third real-life partner meeting took place. Hosted by Kane, our coordinating partner, we were able to take stock of the progress

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Pleiadi is one of the partners of the TOMATO project, let's find out who they are. Pleiadi, why this name? When Alessio Scaboro and Lucio Biondaro founded the cooperative in 2009, they were