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Culture is the soul of our project

Culture is what contributes to the formation of each individual on an intellectual and moral level and give him awareness of his or her role in the society. That is why we decided to launch the TOMATO project, to make museums, and therefore culture, accessible to everyone. The 4th and 5th of March we had our third training. We met again in the Children’s Museum Verona, where Axel Novelli, Expert in Communication, Storytelling, Game Design and Gamification reminded us why the Hands-on approach is so important for children, but also adult, to learn.

By listening and playing, we learned the importance of”Engagement & Commitment”, two concepts that are so interconnected, that sometimes it is hard to distinguish one from the other. Commitment is our will to do something, to complete and achieve something. Engagement is like a deeper commitment, an ideological commitment. Our commitment is not always constant, but fluctuates over time. This is true for very brief games, a visit to a museum, or a constant workout program at the gym. Stories engage us, catapult us into a world and make us feellike protagonists, immersed in its dynamics.

Through storytelling, human beings have managed to evolve and improve. Storytelling bypasses the rational part of our brain by going directly to our subconscious, giving messages at a much deeper level than we naturally pay attention to. Storytelling is the most profound way of learning by doing. Every form of storytelling has a certain rate of engagement, but nothing, more than a game, can stimulate immersionlike an interactive experience. And this take knowledge on a superior level. Especially for kids.

During the two days meeting, we also had the chance to see the improvement of our work. Pleiadi and Ishowroom, showed us, respectively, the kits and the app. They explained to us the guidelines of the Tomato Kit, we experienced the physical and digital layers, and we discussed what analysed what is still missing to complete our project. Our partners, Kane and Creative Plus, also gave us their feedback from their testing phase with the children. Every day we are getting closer to make the TOMATO project a reality.

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