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The riddle of ‘Kannon’

February 3, 2023 Tommy 0 Comments

Montra, Melissa, Angelo and Filippo try to solve the riddle of ‘Kannon’, the enlightened one who, in Buddhist culture, chooses to renounce Nirvana in order to help sentient beings alleviate their suffering. With this narrative expediente, the four speakers of the TeenSocialRadio project set off to discover the Museum of Oriental Art in Venice, its works, samurai armours and weapons. Guiding them on this journey is the museum’s director, Marta Boscolo Marchi, who helps them discovering Japanese art, in particular that of the Edo period (1603 to 1868). The aim of the entertaining mini-documentary is to show youngsters that museums are not remote, boring and obscure places, but on the contrary, accessible and interesting structures where you can learn a lot while having fun. The idea for this video was born within the Tomato project, of which the MAO is an associated partner.

“The museum must be a place for everyone,” says the museum director Boscolo Marchi, “where they can acquire information while having fun: in this way the youngest people can rediscover their own history and perceive the collections as something precious for their lives. Peer education plays a fundamental role in this process of actively appropriating content: the Museum is also experience.”

The video produced by TeenSocialRadio for TOMATO exemplifies this idea. It is being launched and published today on the project’s social networks and website where all the initiative’s contents and activities will be available.

“TeenSocialRadio is a reality created by us teenagers, with the aim of telling the world from our point of view through art, culture and music. Teen on teen.  Cultural heritage deserves to be told and with this short video/documentary we wanted to show that museums are not alien or boring realities, but on the contrary there you can have a lot of fun. Don’t be frightened by the word museums, and be ready for real adventures,” says Angelo Cattivelli, one of the protagonists of the video and one of the founders of TeenSocialRadio.

Tomato, The Original Museum Available To Overall, is an initiative promoted by the European Commission with the aim of increasing the accessibility of places of culture and knowledge, in particular to children and young people from physically, mentally and socially disadvantaged backgrounds. As many as 16 partners in eight countries (Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria) will carry out this project, which will have its heart in Veneto, with the participation of Gruppo Pleiadi and Venetian Cluster, as well as the Veneto Region itself and the Veneto Regional Museums Directorate of the Ministry of Culture.

The project, co-funded by the European Union, will develop a physical kit and an app that will make possible to enjoy the contents of museums and visit them in a virtual and fun way while stimulating curiosity. In order to develop both the app and the kit, an analysis will be carried out by consulting children, families, social workers and of course the world of culture. These two tools will allow, for example, children within the autism spectrum, who may be uncomfortable in a crowded place different from the one they are used to, to still be able to take advantage of these fundamental centres of culture. The same will apply to children who may have walking problems, or even who simply live in distant regions and who may not be able to travel in person to places like Ca’ Pesaro or one of the other partner facilities for economic reasons. The aim of Tomato is precisely this: to make culture truly accessible to all.

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