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Ecsite Network strengthens science engagement with new initiatives

The European network of science centres and museums, Ecsite , continues to lead the way in enhancing science engagement across Europe, with innovative projects and events. Established in 1989, Ecsite is a European network uniting science centres, museums, and other organizations committed to promoting science education and engagement, especially for children.

Bringing Science to Local Communities

Ecsite has announced a big new project called “Science Comes to Town,” which will start in 2026. The goal is to bring exciting science activities directly to towns and cities across Europe. This project aims to make science easier to understand and more interesting for everyone, especially kids. They’re inviting organizations to join in and help make science fun and curious for people in their own communities.

Celebrating Excellence in Science Engagement

Moreover, Ecsite gives out the Mariano Gago Ecsite Awards to celebrate excellent work in science engagement. These prizes highlight projects that have made a big difference in getting the public interested in science. This year, they are recognizing programs designed for kids that show how teachers and museum staff can make science fun and educational at the same time.

Focusing on Children’s Science Education

Looking ahead, Ecsite is getting ready for the 2024 Ecsite Space Group annual meeting, scheduled for October in Milan, Italy. This event promises to serve as a focal point for discussions and workshops centred on children’s science education and museum activities. Participants will explore new methodologies and tools for engaging young audiences in science, ensuring that future generations are well-prepared with the knowledge and enthusiasm required to navigate an increasingly scientific world.

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